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The Digital Campus

What has Swiss Academia been up to?

ETH Facebook pageA few things have happened in the past few months: One of the best known academic institutions in Switzerland finally joined Facebook, another one secures its leading position amongst its peers.

Every quarter, we capture the usage of social media in Swiss academia. Besides an overview of Facebook likes and Twitter followers for all the institutions, we also take a look at how their professors and researchers are doing and which departments are present on the platforms.

While Twitter is used by all Swiss universities and most universities of applied sciences, Facebook was still missing a few key players. ETH Zurich, one of the best known Swiss institutions internationally, had not joined the biggest social network. That changed in April, when ETH started its Facebook page and quickly racked up likes in the five-digits, mostly by merging existing pages and places with its official page.

Find out how to merge existing pages with yours.

Likes_all official presence_Q1 2014

Facebook likes as of April 1, 2014

EPFL is defending its leading position on Facebook and on Twitter, increasing its distance from the other institutions every quarter. For a full report on the status of Swiss academia on Facebook and Twitter, Digital Campus participants can download a custom report on their private landing page.

Stay tuned for our next reports in August!