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In today’s world of abundant information and short attention spans, we all face the same challenge: ensure that our messages reach our intended audience. The ability to tell stories is one key to success, but the ability to build immersive story worlds is a skill that matters even more. This is the purpose of transmedia—or multiplatform storytelling—and that’s why this new genre, which is at the interface of storytelling and technology, is rapidly becoming a powerful communication tool.

Transmedia enables a story to go beyond the pages of a book or the screen of a TV. It is the capacity to extend a narrative beyond its linear pathway by using different media formats or current digital technologies. The idea is to create multiple entry points to a same story world.  Each entry point offers an expanded experience.

Heidi transmedia elements

Example: how transmedia could create a story world around the famous TV show, Heidi.

Because transmedia is in many ways the future of content creation, swissnex San Francisco wants to share this new genre by launching STORY2023, a transmedia competition for students of Swiss higher education institutions. For two months, starting on July 1, 2013, participants will produce a transmedia story that offers a unique vision of the year 2023.

The happy winners will get the chance to travel to San Francisco for a week, meet key influencers in the field of transmedia, and see their work showcased in different venues in the Bay Area and in Switzerland.

This competition aims to encourage transmedia storytelling among the future generation, create a Swiss-American transmedia community and showcase the spirit of (media) innovation of all the initiative’s stakeholders. Stay tuned: @STORY2023

Transmedia curious?

Don’t miss Beth Rogozinski’s webinar on Wednesday February 27 at 4:30 pm. As the co-founder of Transmedia SF, she is a key player in the US transmedia community. She will share the key principles of this new phenomenon in storytelling, why it matters to all content creators, and some examples of excellence in transmedia.

Author: Melanie Picard

Melanie is a Junior Communications Manager at swissnex San Francisco and a food passionate. She takes part in the food revolution by baking her own locally sourced sweet treats.

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