The Digital Campus

The Digital Campus

The New Image Campaign of the University of St.Gallen

We knew that the communications team at the University of St.Gallen was planning to focus more on creating videos, but we had no idea what was in the works. Over the last months, the team has been working hard on an image film that sent the crew as far as Singapore.

The result is “Love, Loss, and Other Lessons Learned“, a love story told over four minutes and essentially a silent movie (no translation necessary, how genious!). The big premiere of their new image video was on April 28, just in time for their annual mega event, the St. Gallen Symposium.

An image movie for a relatively small university (7,666 students in case you wonder), which is not just secretly published on their YouTube channel, but is revealed with a bang and a red carpet, has to part of something bigger. What, you ask? Well, let us tell you what else they set up for this image campaign.

Marketing experts are always preaching for integrated marketing campaigns and this campaign is definitely a stellar example. They went all the way out and pushed the movie through various channels:

The University’s Homepage

Those who are not at home on Facebook, Twitter, and the like, might stumble upon the movie while visiting the University of St.Gallen’s homepage.

 A Campus Event

Promoted on Facebook, the local newspaper, and other channels, the “world”-premiere of the movie was a high caliber affair. A red carpet, the main actors, the president, and tons of students showed up and seemed to make this event a success.

The screening was held in one of the main areas on campus and most likely intended to attract students, who are the focus in the movie.

.The Film’s Facebook Page

In September of last year, the official Facebook page of the film was launched and was used to show pictures of the shootsadd a few teasers here and there, promote campus events around the movie, feature contests, and helped to find extras.

The Official HSG Facebook Page

With an audience of nearly 14’000 users, the official Facebook page is probably the most powerful platform to promote the movie..

 An App on Facebook

A day after the premiere, a Facebook app promoted personalized give-aways that users can win if they participate. This made users – most of them probably current, potential, and former students – feel like they are part of the story.


HSG’s official Twitter account was used to spread the word, but HSG professor Miriam Meckel, who also starred in the movie, tweeted the link to her 18’000 followers.

In addition to making sure that all channels were used for this campaign, the university also realized that it was crucial that it leveraged everything that would be working in their favor. They didn’t shy away from involving many every high-level person on campus, including some of their most known professors, the president, and the vice-president.

They also accompanied the making-of with tons of behind the scenes posts on Facebook and contests throughout the last few months.

All these efforts are crucial for the effective promotion of the image film, even though the movie is impressive by itself. Not only the story line is enchanting, but it is targeted at a diverse audience: prospective, current, and former students, and also the local community, which will recognize many of the movie scenes on and off campus. Of course as an alumni, I can only laugh a the scene of the empty library. That never happens! I usually had to fight for a seat.

Well done and congrats to the HSG communications team on this great campaign!