The Digital Campus

The Digital Campus

#DCSF16 Day 1 | It’s All About the Network


Rodrigo Schmidt (third from the left) answered our questions and told us about the importance of user experience and the developments he and his teams are working on.

Have you ever wondered what the people at Facebook are like? Today, I had the once in a life-time chance to walk into the Facebook premises and ask Rodrigo Schmidt, an Engineering Leader at Facebook & Instagram, all the questions I had about their platforms. It was only one moment in a day full of inspiring business encounters we had on our Study Tour with swissnex San Francisco. Continue Reading →

Summer Reading List

Summer reading StanfordA recent Facebook post by Stanford University inspired me to create a fine little reading list for one of these Summer days. Grab your iPad or print out some articles below, and find yourself a nice spot in the shade (or sun) for some reading. Treat yourself to an ice cream while you’re at it. Continue Reading →