The Digital Campus

The Digital Campus

Digital Campus Study Tour – Day 3

Maximiliane Okonnek and Silvia Ortiz report on Day 3 of the Digital Campus Study Tour.

After visits to Berkeley and Stanford University we were headed towards Silicon Valley on day 3 of our study tour. swissnex San Francisco had organized visits at YouTube and LinkedIn, both companies with a strong impact on digital communication strategies of universities and other educational institutions.  Continue Reading →

LinkedIn Powering MBA applications

LinkedInLinkedIn has been powering job applications for companies such as Netflix, Tripit, and other companies since 2011.

Anybody with a LinkedIn profile can quickly submit their applications to jobs at these companies with just a click of a button. That convenience is now available to applicants to Johnson’s School of Management’s MBA program at Cornell University.

A little digging revealed that Cornell is not the only university that considers LinkedIn profiles when making student admission decisions.  Continue Reading →

LinkedIn University Pages: What You Need to Know

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 4.59.42 PM

In August 2013, LinkedIn’s Higher Ed Team launched University Pages, which is the first higher ed specific product that a large social media platform has launched to date.

A master move by LinkedIn to start cultivating a new generation of users, university pages are built with students in mind. University pages provide prospect students information about a university’s alumni, what kind of jobs they have, industries they work in, and where they live. In addition, universities can add information about cost, gender ratio, and more! This kind of information can have a significant influence on a student’s decision of what school to attend.  Continue Reading →

Digital Campus Study Tour – Day 3

Facebook HQ

By Irène Brunner, Online Manager at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, School of Engineering (@ladycomanche)

Today was the day with the big names: LinkedIn and Facebook! And a not as well known but good, established startup called Gigya. Continue Reading →

Top Social Media Stories of the Week – August 2, 2012

News, blog posts, and articles that caught our eye this week:

Top Social Media Stories of the Week – July 5, 2012

News, blog posts, and articles that caught our eye this week:

Top Social Media Stories of the Week – Jun 12, 2012

We come across numerous articles, tweets, blog posts, and more, that we think could be of interest for our readers. We thought we may as well share a selection of these little tidbits we find around the web with you from time to time: