The Digital Campus

The Digital Campus

Digital Communication in Higher Education [Infographic]

A survey by the US marketing agency Verge Pipe Media asked 25,000 students, parents-of-students, and alumni at a US University “is social media important to you?” and “how would you like the University to communicate with you?”. The results are compiled in a infographic. Continue Reading →

Swiss Universities on Social Media [infographic]

Swiss higher ed infgraphicIt’s time Swiss higher education got it’s own infographic! We created one with some of the data that we compiled about the use of use of social media by Swiss higher education institutions for the second quarter in 2013.

The Federal institutes ETH and EPFL are still dominating on Twitter while on Facebook the picture looks slightly different with HSG and EHL close on EPFL’s heels.

All program participants can now login to their dedicated landing page and download their official presence reports.

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15 Amazing Facebook Stats

Originally published on Dashburst
Facebook stats 2013Facebook truly is an amazing site with record shattering numbers taking place each day. Did you know the average Facebook user spends 20 minutes on the network per visit? There are currently over 1.15 billion active Facebook users who spend about 8.3 hours per month on the site. Facebook’s recent acquisition, Instagram, also has over 150 million users. Continue Reading →