The Digital Campus

The Digital Campus

Why We Love Twitter Lists

Twitter is great, but we all know it can get overwhelming at times. A more organized approach to Twitter can be achieved by making use of its less known functions: its lists.

You can create your own lists, or use lists that have been created already. There are tons of lists out there that are awesome collections of great sources.

Are you using them already? If you do, we’d love to hear how in the comments. If you don’t, then take a look at our top reasons why you should consider them. Continue Reading →

Digital Campus Study Tour – Day 2

By Olivia Poisson, Communications Officer, University of Basel and Jun Sarbach, PR Consultant, ETH Zurich. 

How to really engage your community

On the second day of our study we were invited to Stanford University where we met experienced social media managers of three different units. They openly shared their strategies, provided us with insights and gave us good advice. This is what we take home from Stanford: Continue Reading →

Digital Communication in Higher Education [Infographic]

A survey by the US marketing agency Verge Pipe Media asked 25,000 students, parents-of-students, and alumni at a US University “is social media important to you?” and “how would you like the University to communicate with you?”. The results are compiled in a infographic. Continue Reading →

Digital Campus Study Tour – Day 2 According to Reto

Tom Abate from Stanford University's School of Engineering

Tom Abate from Stanford University’s School of Engineering

By Reto Caluori, Head of Communications at the University of Basel (@retocaluori).

A to Z through Day #2

A as in Alumni: Having focused on graduation for a long time to establish a relationship with students, Stanford Alumni now shifts their efforts to freshmen, juniors and seniors. A team of tree full-time staff members takes care of student relations.

B as in “Biggest Threat”: Immigration policy constrictions would put an end to Silicon Valley, says Chuck Darrah. To a great extent, the Valley “is built on CHIPs” (i.e. Chinese and Indian professionals).

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Learn, listen and engage!

The folks at Marketing Cloud (Radian6) put together a pretty useful webinar, in which the social media teams at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida and Brock University in Canada shared their best practices and how they are using Radian6 to reach their objectives.

Key takeaways include:

  • LinkedIn is the best tool for alumni scouting and research.
  • Be aware of best practices outside of your industry. For example, retailers are usually early adopters and innovators and thus good to keep an eye on.
  • Respond and communicate also during non-business hours.
  • Tailor content to each channel and audience. It’s fine to use the same content, but customize the appearance.
  • Be human, which means: don’t auto-post, establish a voice/tone and stick to it, try to engage in the conversations about you, and don’t be afraid to use humor.

Watch the full webinar:

Top Social Media Stories of the Week – August 2, 2012

News, blog posts, and articles that caught our eye this week: