The Digital Campus

The Digital Campus

Alumni Relations: Build Your Network Before you Need It

Alumni relations is starting to become a more important area of effort for many Swiss universities.

Survey Wake Forest

While many of us will agree that most Swiss people don’t feel a particular affinity to their alma mater as their American counterparts, many schools are starting to leverage the power of the alumni network.

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LinkedIn University Pages: What You Need to Know

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In August 2013, LinkedIn’s Higher Ed Team launched University Pages, which is the first higher ed specific product that a large social media platform has launched to date.

A master move by LinkedIn to start cultivating a new generation of users, university pages are built with students in mind. University pages provide prospect students information about a university’s alumni, what kind of jobs they have, industries they work in, and where they live. In addition, universities can add information about cost, gender ratio, and more! This kind of information can have a significant influence on a student’s decision of what school to attend.  Continue Reading →