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The Digital Campus

Fall 2013 Study Tour Resources

Making the most of your time in SF Bay

We will spend a very intense week together. In order to make the most out of your short time in the SF Bay Area, it is important that you prepare and read in advance. Our meeting hosts will expect questions and the more you know in advance the more we will be able to learn in these visits.

Below are links to articles to help you broaden your knowledgebase.

About Silicon Valley

Required knowledge

Your school is making a considerable investment sending you over a week to San Francisco. While you will learn a lot during your trip, we expect you to have a mid to advanced knowledge of social media. Please go over the points below to ensure basic level of knowledge.

And most importantly

This is your opportunity to see how your peers work in the U.S., learn about trends and challenges for U.S. universities, and more importantly the perfect opportunity to bring answers to your own university.

Before you leave, ask your colleagues if they are having issues or specific challenges so that you can ask the schools and the companies we visit. Experience taught us that our hosts really like to get feedback and questions from our visitors.

Other great Higher Ed Resources

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