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The Digital Campus

Spring Study Tour: Day 5

Day 5 of the Spring Study Tour is summarized here by guest bloggers Carole Varone from University of Geneva, Daniel Ducommun from Haute Ecole de la Santè La Source and Manuel P. Nappo from HWZ Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich. (To be read, listening to the official #springstudytour Spotify playlist)

1. Visibletweets for #springstudytour

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2. Social media revolution – Facebook In or Out ?

After an amazing fully immersion in the geek world yesterday, back to a more «theorical» but also intensive day. In the morning, Michael Stoner founder of MStoner came back on topics we already discussed these last days. He provided us his huge expertise.

Points to keep in mind:

1. Everything is connected to everything else.

2. Each day new platforms are emerging. People are looking for another environment. We don’t know what is coming up next.

3. A Facebook page is not a social strategy. Focusing too much on Facebook will be less successful in the following years. People seem to look for a smaller media community which will share the same interest.

4. Target your audience and share the appropriate content on the right channel.

5. Get real with social media and create campaign! Reach your goals by using e-mails, flyers as well as social media.

A useful social media check-list for educational institutions:

1. Provide a well-organized website

2. Get an appropriate technology

3. Assure the internal management

4. Define clear goals and multiple measurement tools

5. Choose multiple channels (Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, blogs, Facebook…) to share your information

3. The Geek Proust Questionnaire with Michael Stoner

Your favorite geek product ? Apple and more specifically the 13-inch MacBook Air

Favorite entrepreneurship story ? Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg

Your favorite blog ?

Your favorite # ? #Highered

Your favorite apple ? Eden Ice Cider and Gravenstein

Your favorite bird ? Red tail hawk

4. Instagram stream for #springstudytour

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5. SM @calacademy an example to follow

In the afternoon, Amie Wong, Marketing Manager at the California Academy of Sciences, gave a brilliant presentation with real examples on the everyday use of social media in a cultural and educational institution. (Link to Slideshare will follow)

6. foursquare check-ins for #springstudytour


7. The author’s picks

Carole: The Graffiti at Facebook – Daniel: The breakfast buffet at Twitter – Manuel: Grande Cappuccino to go from Caffè Trieste

Video Recap of Day 5