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Spring Study Tour: Day 4

Day 4 of the Spring Study Tour is summarized here by guest bloggers Simone Brandenberg and Herwig Dämon, from the University of Liechtenstein, and Magdalena Egli, from login.

  1. Name dropping day: @YouTube, @Facebook, @LinkedIn

  2. YouTube – Join the global classroom
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    : Smile. You are at @youtube #springstudytour (@ YouTube HQ w/ 2 others)
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 12:06:41
  4. Already shortly after the arrival at 901 Cherry Street it became perfectly clear that the content of this tweet absolutely fits the corporate culture of YouTube. On the guided tour through the building, Arthur Woods, responsible for the EDU Partnerships, pointed out all the conveniences YouTube offers to its employees – starting with the obligatory 24-hours-provision with an impressing variation of free food that we already experienced in other social media companies the last days. A guaranty for one or another overtime hour… Chuck Darrahs statement of Monday morning rang in our ears: “You don’t have to pay for the coffee – you already payed for it!”

    Following the motto “Anyone can obtain a world-class education” YouTube installed its EDU program in 2009 with the ambitious aim to provide a free knowledge-platform for everyone. The program is divided into three main sections: K12 for primary and secondary schools and teachers with formats like sesame street. The life long learning in cooperation with e.g. the Moma. And – most interesting for us – the higher education in cooperation with colleges and universities like Harvard, Stanford or Yale. Meanwhile there are more than 750 educational channels on YouTube with more than 54.000 accessible videos. The content is mainly uploaded by partner universities but YouTube also invested 100 Mio. $ to produce new content.
    How now to become a partner for educational programs? Just open a channel, generate high quality content, apply for the program and become involved in the edu community. Content can be lectures with top professors, student testimonials or live stream campus-wide events. Just make sure to involve staff and students to generate content to make it more authentic and vivid. And don’t forget your alumni and prospective students as interesting audiences. Being aware of the branding you can also start with only few and produced videos. And even if YouTube is the 3rd most visited website in the world, don’t forget to crosspost ion your other channels.
    With Google Analytics it is possible to learn more about the users backgrounds, their preferences and even the exact time when they stopped watching a video – to immediately be able to alter strategy and content. And of course Arthur Woods and his team will be glad to help with the implementation.
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    Arthur Woods / YouTube EDU
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 14:56:04
  6. Facebook – “Fail fast”
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    : #welcome @facebook #springstudytour #ilike
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 14:41:15
  8. Rodrigo Schmidt, Product Manager Website, was our guide at Facebook. He showed us the whole complex of buildings and answered our questions from a personal perspective. The buildings seem to be under construction to demonstrate the culture of  always being working. The buildings belonged to Sun Systems. When Facebook bought the complex, they refurbished the elements that could remember to Sun and what did not fit with the culture of Facebook. Facebook moved into the campus in November 2011, but until now just five buildings of the eighteen are used. On the big place in the centre of the campus they wrote in big letters HACK, so that it can be seen from a satellite.  As highlight of the day we even saw Mark Zuckerberg on our way to lunch.

    Rodrigo explained the concept called “Fail Fast”: Within a project duration of four to six months a product should be completed and brought to market. The philosophy of Facebook is not to work longer than half a year on it for not loosing the high motivation to work on it.
    It was a real chance for us to be received by Facebook because they do not have official tours any more. Thanks a lot for this effort to Florencia!
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    Rodrigo Schmidt on Facebook Pages
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 16:38:59
  10. LinkedIn – serving HigherEd
  11. “How can LinkedIn help in your alumni aspirations?”, asked Christina Allen, Director of Product Management, at the Mountain View based ‘business-related social networking site’. Many of the #springstudytour participants seemed to be fairly surprised by some exciting new services for higher education. Like the runaway hit for LinkedIn, although it has been hardly marketed: the Alumni product. According to Christina it was designed to serve a number of purposes. The service helps to understand where alumni did go, where fellow alumni are, what fellow alumni are doing for business and how one can reach out to them. Tour participants learned about various other opportunities to build more robust alumni groups, a clear “call-to-action” was audible within the group.

    A discussion with LinkedIn’s localization team again served as proof of the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial attitude: connect, start things, and find out whether they work. Hands on and with attention to detail, team members responded to suggestions by the #springstudytour participants in order to help tailor the offer to universities’ needs.
    In a “big five” comparison (no, we are not talking safari, but Twitter, YouTube/Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn) during the wrap-up, question was whether LinkedIn could maintain its already more ‘corporate world’ culture amongst the social media networks after the IPO. Frankly, we couldn’t care less as long as their network serves universities’ needs in fostering students and alumni relationships.
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    Stefani Grothe on LinkedIn services
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 22:43:46
  13. P.S.: Herwig picked the tweet of the day, since he is suffering from the red-green color deficiency as well …
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    #springstudytour: why fb is blue? A lot of engineers are red-green-colour-blind.. So they at least recognize their logo:-)
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 16:19:50
  15. Always push further, even if the way is down: sliding competition at YouTube:
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    Sliding competition at YouTube
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 14:58:00

Video Recap of Day 4


Author: Florencia Prada

Florencia Prada is the Head of Digital Marketing at swissnex San Francisco. While she loves all things tech, she tries hard not to get carried away by shiny objects and new ideas that are all too pervasive in Silicon Valley.