The Digital Campus

The Digital Campus

Need Some Inspiration for Your Science Communication?

EMCUniversity press officers work relentlessly to spread the word about the latest science news at their institution. And yet sometimes, the hard work does not result in news going viral and massive press coverage.

While we are not arguing for hyperbolic headlines or doing away with traditional communication plans, we do think that there is room for new approaches in science communications.

Check out our list with examples on how to put the fun into science!

1. Set up a Tumblr or similar, like UC California. Who knew breakups had a science component?

uc california tumblr

2. Give objects a Twitter handle. Remember @Philae2014?


3. Get your Facebook fans’ attention by posting some funny takes on science. Need examples? Here you go.

4. Plug into current events, like Valentine’s Day, and put the science component into subjects that the public can relate to.


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Image source: seabreeze