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The Digital Campus

Is Your President on Social Media?

Follow the leader book

“Once upon a time, college and university presidents distrusted social media. But no more”, this is what I read on the back of the book that just arrived in our office.

#FollowtheLeader, a mStoner publication, is about social media lessons from Higher Ed leaders, a topic that has always intrigued our Digital Campus team.

The reason for my fascination for higher ed presidents active on social media is simple. Many universities can’t shake off the image of being an ivory tower, even by embracing social media.

Adding a Face to the Institution

Tweets full of squirrels or sheep, Facebook posts with happy smiley faces during exam period, or Instagram accounts managed by students are surely an effective measure to humanize an institution and can do wonders for their brand. But in the end, the university remains a faceless avatar.

This all changes if the president of that university decides to reach out through social media. Suddenly there is a face to the institution and an official voice that appeals to an audience, that is in the end made up of people like you and me. This can be a very powerful tool if you try to get the best students, the most skilled researchers, and the most sought after employees.

But back to the book. Dan Zaiontz, a higher ed and social media strategist, provides unique insights and tips for those leaders, who have not taken the plunge yet, or those who are eager to learn more. The book includes tons of profiles of higher ed leaders on social media, a testament to the fact that every leader’s approach to social media can be different.

Are you intrigued? The first two university communicators in Switzerland (and Liechtenstein) who send us a great reason why they absolutely need this book, will get a free copy!