The Digital Campus

The Digital Campus

A Farewell


Looking back on our first meeting in Bern in May of 2011, I was full of trepidation and concern typical of any large event. Could we really add value? Will they fall asleep during my presentation? Will the room be large enough for everybody?

And while not everything went perfectly, the support and encouragement Megan, Julia, and I received from you filled us with energy and the desire to do everything possible to help you and serve you better.

It’s been four years since that first meeting in Bern and I am incredibly proud of what you have accomplished and also immensely grateful for your support and friendship.

Working with you all has been one of the highlights of my time at swissnex San Francisco. Learning about your challenges and helping you overcome them has been enriching, educational, and often times challenging!

So as you might have probably guessed by now I am writing this post to let you know that I am leaving swissnex San Francisco. I am embarking on a new adventure to spread the word about water conservation and infrastructure development with the External Affairs team at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

I leave knowing that the program is in the uber capable hands of Julia Kuhn Mirza, my colleague and partner for the past four years, who has been practically running the program and knows each one of your institutions like the back of her hand.

Switzerland will still occupy a very special place in my heart so don’t be surprised to find me following, commenting, and liking your posts on social media: I will be watching you!

And finally, because pictures are always worth a thousand words, I leave you with a few images from our work together:


Author: Florencia Prada

Florencia Prada is the Head of Digital Marketing at swissnex San Francisco. While she loves all things tech, she tries hard not to get carried away by shiny objects and new ideas that are all too pervasive in Silicon Valley.

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