The Digital Campus

The Digital Campus

#DCSF17 Day 3 │ Busy Day, Delicious Food

On day 3 of our digital campus tour, we had a busy schedule and a very diversified program. To be able to be attentive in every meeting, we started by rising our blood sugar level with some delicious donuts in the Mission district, which was a great idea.

The delicious snack was followed by a very insightful visit to one of San Franciscos many startups: Tint. Edward Hu, account executive of Tint, showed us their cozy office and explained their product. Tint is very easy to use and there are many ways for customization, which makes the tool very attractive to use. The presentation made each one of us think about how we could somehow use the tool for our school in the future.

From left to right: Julia (Swissnex), Fabienne (ZHAW), Nicole (ETH), Anne (HES-SO), Sandro (ZHAW), Edward (Tint)

One of the creative workplaces at Tint.

Afterwards, we continued our journey to San Bruno to visit Youtube. We were welcomed by David Fuchs, a ETH alumni who has worked at Youtube for several years. He showed us every one of the three buildings in San Bruno. The offices are spacious and all look different, employees get free food, there’s a gym and a swimming pool to use and there are screens with the latest youtube-videos everywhere. We saw some “Youtubers” being recorded for a show and talked with David about what he thinks will be the next big thing: the importance of watching TV as we know it now will decrease and the importance of subscribing only for the shows that one wants to see will increase.

Strenghtened by a delicious Burrito-lunch, we then went back to the office of Swissnex, where Perrine Huber, head of marketing and communications, talked about what the most important steps of the communication of a (big) event are. The question about why the event exists is probably the most important one to answer, before being able to plan the communication of a event. Furthermore, one should always think about what content there is to include in any communication, which audience should be addressed, how this should be done and what the best timing for any sort of communication is.

Our last meeting of the day was at the UC Hastings College of the Law, where we were given a very detailed and insightful overview about how they use their social media channels. One of their campaigns shows, that even the topic of a law school can be communicated in a emotional way: This is Why We Work for Justice

Fabienne Haltinner, Project Manager Online Communications
Zurich Universities of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), School of Social Work

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