The Digital Campus

The Digital Campus

#DCSF17 Day 2 │ From Stanford to Facebook

On day 2 of our Digital Campus Study Tour we had a chance to visit two very well known but also completely different institutions. In the morning we visited Stanford University, one of the world’s most prestigious universities. We met with Amy Adams, Head of Science Communications and Dylan Conn, Senior Digital Media Associate to get some insights into Stanford’s digital communication and to learn about the challenges of coordinating all communication activities on the campus.

As Stanford is one of the most well-known universities in the United States of America, finding an audience and accumulating fans and followers seems to be no issue at all. However not every scientific publication is a good story. Therefore finding the good stories and editing scientific publications is essential.

After our meeting with Amy Adams and Dylan Conn, we got to enjoy a tour around the campus. One of the Stanford students introduced us to Stanford’s history as well as their study programs.

In the afternoon we went to visit a completely different kind of campus, the Facebook campus in Menlo Park. Mircea Grecu, an ETH Zurich alumni and now working as an engineer for Facebook was kind enough to show us around Facebook’s fascinating site. The now called «old» campus is home to several office buildings as well as restaurants, a gym, an arcade, a gift shop and many other things. Facebook wants to make sure their employees have everything they need on site and most of it is for free. Mircea told us that all the people at Facebook are extremely motivated to advance the company and therefore willing to put in the necessary effort. Since Facebook has been growing at a rapid pace the company is constantly enlarging their facilities which shows in the «new» campus that is being built right across the highway. For us this was a wonderful opportunity to get a glance at a very unique and progressive corporate culture.

Sandro Schönbächler, Community- and Online Manager at ZHAW School of Management and Law