The Digital Campus

The Digital Campus

#DCnov13: A Recap of 2013

HSLU November 2013

An important part of our program is exchanging ideas and learning from one another. Thanks to the generous hospitality of HSLU and XING, we met again to close the first year of the Digital Campus program.

The rise of ephemeral media, the importance of branding, and focusing our efforts were some of the themes and topics discussed during the meeting.

Presentations included:

We were fortunate to also count with the special participation of Michael Stoner, whose team we’ve been closely collaborating this year (see webinars). Michael presented specific examples of how US universities leveraged social media for fundraising, community building, and more.

It was fun seeing you all work together during Michael Stoner’s workshop. See pictures below for more evidence!

HSLU pictures November 2013

Also check out this great Storify by HWZ’s Sandra Bornand.

What you thought

Feedback shows that the event was well balanced with the presentations and the workshop, but would welcome even more workshops with experts. A unique benefit of these meetings is the possibility to meet other university communicators, and data shows most participants made useful connections during the day. Another highly valued outcome is the fact that participants are able to make recommendations and changes based on the learnings.

We thank participants for giving us ideas on how to bring you more benefits through The Digital Campus program in 2014. These ideas include, the implementation of a sounding board, may it be through a virtual Twitter chat, list serve, or roundtable discussions at events. Have other ideas? Please share them below!

Finally, we would like to thank everyone for coming and contributing to a successful event. A big thank you goes to the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne (HSLU) for hosting and to XING, for supporting the event.

Happy holidays and a good start into 2014!