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The Digital Campus

“Comment Allez-Vous?” A Study on Student Habits and Trends


Each year at the University of Lausanne, the Career Center partners with the Student Association (FAE) for a research project looking at new students.

From November to December of 2015, 1,162 new students responded to the study. For the Digital Campus, we were most interested in the students’ use of social media, email and tools. The following infographic provides insight worth highlighting:



  1. Most students start university with a device allowing them to connect to the internet and will be taking notes from a laptop or even a mobile device. “Mobile-friendly” platforms are an expectation for students and a requirement for universities.
  2. Facebook remains king of social platforms despite a consistent, but harmless drop in popularity. Snapchat and Instagram stay close behind. Those two are heavily visual tools. That’s an element to consider when crafting your marketing strategy.
  3. A third of respondents describe having cluttered email inboxes. Be considerate of the messages sent and why you send them. Important emails can easily get lost (or ignored) in the blackhole of a new student’s inbox.


Wish to learn more? Here is the full report, in French.

Author: Edouard Reat Noch

A recent graduate from EHL, Edouard is the communications coordinator at swissnex San Francisco. With a passion for gaming, writing, and sports, he hopes to help local businesses grow in his father’s home country, Cambodia.