The Digital Campus

The Digital Campus

CASE SMC 14: A Recap

“Who thought that after five years, social media is still as important”. This is how Keith Hannon, Associate Director for Social Media at Cornell University opened this year’s CASE conference on Social Media and Community. The first CASE SMC conference was held in 2010 in Philadelphia. Five years later, the conference attracts university communicators and marketers from all over the United States, and as far as Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and of course, Switzerland!


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Great Resources for Higher Education Marketers

We strive to equip you with the best tools out there to successfully market your university, and have therefore compiled a list of useful websites for you. They offer valuable resources around higher education marketing, with best practices, tips, interviews, and much more.

Do you have another great resources you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments.

Higher Ed Live

Higher Ed Live

A network of live weekly videos about higher education, this website brings you interviews with professionals from universities, which are recorded for viewing afterwards and come with a neat little summary.
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Digital Communication in Higher Education [Infographic]

A survey by the US marketing agency Verge Pipe Media asked 25,000 students, parents-of-students, and alumni at a US University “is social media important to you?” and “how would you like the University to communicate with you?”. The results are compiled in a infographic. Continue Reading →

Digital Campus Study Tour – Day 1

UC Berkeley

By Tanja Von Rotz, Head of Marketing and Communications, ZHAW School of Psychology (@indira2007)

San Francisco welcomes the Study Tour Group with beautiful sunny and warm weather, leaving the fog behind. After exploring the exciting city on Sunday we are given a warm welcome by the swissnex team at the Slanted Door, a popular Asian style restaurant in the Ferry Building. We got to know the group members better while facing the beautiful Bay Bridge, and started to get sense of the California spirit. Continue Reading →

Social Media Analytics for Your University

tape measurerThis week we had the pleasure to invite Patrick Powers for a webinar in the scope of our Digital Campus program. Patrick, a project manager at Mstoner, is an expert when it comes to social media analytics and how to tackle this complex task in higher education institutions.

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Create the Perfect Post

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 10.55.29 AMI am sure you all have words of wisdom when it comes to which posts do the best on your social media channels. Unsurprisingly, for me the most engaging posts are beautiful pictures on Facebook or tagging others in tweets and Facebook posts.

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UZH on Social Media: A Student’s Perspective

Michael Hengartner ist heute Abend zum neuen Rektor der Universität Zürich ab August 2014 gewählt worden. Herzliche Gratulation!

UZH announces the election of its new president, Michael Hengartner, via Twitter.

Sina Blassnig, the current Junior Communications Manager at swissnex San Francisco, writes about why she follows her university on social media and how engagement enriches student life. 

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Fall 2011 Study Tour: Day 4

Thursday was a city day, complete with the realities of San Francisco in the summer: sunshine one minute, fog the next. Sandrine Wenger, Alumni Network Coordinator for the University of Lausanne, was kind enough to create a delightful little photo montage of day four of the study tour. She documents our workshop at swissnex San Francisco with Michael Stoner, lunch at the ferry building, the subsequent bus (MUNI) ride, followed by an afternoon at UCSF’s Laurel Heights campus, where we met with Lena Shaw, the university’s social media marketing manager, and Sarah Paris, Director of Communications for the UCSF School of Medicine.


Markus Zinsmaier, Web Editor-in-Chief of the University of St. Gallen (HSG), gives us these reflective thoughts on day four as we near the end of the study tour:

It’s time to get real about social media
By Markus Zinsmaier

The communications landscape is changing. Institutions have lost control of the message as electronic channels and social media enable individuals to communicate rapidly with each other. Everything nowadays is connected to each other, says Michael Stoner in a workshop morning session @swissnexSF. It’s Day 4 of the swissnex Study Tour and it slowly feels like home.

Have you ever thought about multi-channel strategies, targeting multiple audiences and measuring success in social media? Sure you did, but Michael Stoner brings it all together and shows possible ways of organizing these strategies.  After days of visiting the big shots in the Silicon Valley, hearing PR driven statements – but also discovering the spirit of the Bay Area, of the universities and companies – it’s refreshing to break social media down to its essential: realism, not hype.

To try it and to start with social media activities is actually a good starting point for any sort of engagement. But sometimes it’s also important to pick up a phone and make a call, says Stoner. Social Media is not a one-way street. Having a Facebook page is not a social media strategy. We know all this. We’ve heard it before. But using these tools, discovering new tools
( for instance), discussing problems on our way, we get closer to our own strategy. There’s no other way than doing it. Right on!

Swiss start-up Webdoc, which we learned about on day three, seems to have struck a chord. Here, study tour participant Guillaume Conne, Responsible for Information at the University of Lausanne, creates an engaging webdoc to summarize Lena Shaw’s presentation at UCSF. Remember to click on the webdoc below for the live version.

swissnex San Francisco’s overview video of Day 4:


Building Relationships with the Press through Twitter

Molly McElroy is a Social Sciences writer at the University of Washington. On September 1, Molly will be sharing her experience using Twitter to reach out to the press.  Follow Molly on Twitter @mwmcelroy

Hi everyone,

In this webinar I will discuss how to use Twitter to build press relationships.

I will start with a quick overview of our news office’s (@uwnews) presence on Twitter and how I use Twitter in my professional life. Then the rest of the talk will cover specific examples of how I and other press officers use Twitter to communicate with reporters, such as by sharing news releases and news coverage and identifying experts for stories. I will end with some of my favorite professional development resources that I’ve found through Twitter.

Molly McElroy

Kickoff Meeting at Swisscom

As Florencia and I jet (or should I say jetlag) our way back home to San Francisco after a jam-packed week in Switzerland, we remember our excitement at finally meeting so many of you on May 24, 2011, at the social media program kickoff in Bern.

Thank you to all who attended, and to Emmerich Stoffel of Swisscom and his team for tirelessly working to ensure that our day was successful. Thank you also to Patrick Möschler for his enlightening discussion of Swisscom’s social media efforts.

When attendees started trickling into the Swisscom tower last Tuesday morning, sipping coffee and mingling among the 131 participants (viewing requires same password used to access the Library), Florencia and I hoped the guests would get something from the event. What we didn’t quite expect was to learn so much ourselves. You taught us the nuances of communicating as a Swiss institution and the unique challenges and opportunities you face. And we were inspired by the new steps some are taking using social media, which you alerted us to on Facebook during the meeting!

We knew going into the kickoff that many attendees were already familiar with social media, that some were and may still be unsure of its value, and that others were just beginning to consider the advantages and risks of the tools. That’s why we designed the day’s presentations to clarify the research and reports (available on each group’s private landing page) generated so far by swissnex San Francisco and to highlight good examples of social media strategy, guidelines, and integrated communications. We wanted to keep it light; to have something for everyone and to lay a solid foundation for the next two years, in which we’ll go much more in-depth on specific topics through webinars and study tours.

Perhaps one of meeting’s greatest benefits, however, had nothing to do with social media at all and everything to do with face-to-face, social interaction. Many said there had never before been a gathering of this number of university and research communications personnel discussing and exploring their craft. The event allowed for some of the most electric networking I’ve seen—seriously, we could barely pull you back into the sessions after break. It’s reassuring to know and to witness that even in today’s world of online communications, nothing is more powerful than an in-person conversation. Ultimately, it is through sharing ideas and challenges with each other that our joint efforts in social media will be successful.

By now, I hope you’ve seen the early video of the event (full video in the weeks to come) and had a look at the photos (feel free to add yours). All presentations, as well as a survey to help us shape future meetings, are now available on the kickoff page of this site. For those who could not attend, we hope that by using social media tools such as this blog, Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. you will be able to re-live the experience with us and have access to the same information as those present.

Speaking of Twitter. The lively Twitter conversation that unfolded during the kickoff event proved that many of you already see the tool’s value for covering and following live events. Through our hashtag, #socialmediach, our LinkedIn Group, and our Facebook page, we received input from the Interactive Session I (same password used to access Library) on the challenges and importance of social media strategy and guidelines. Thank you to those who responded!

Interactive Session II also generated responses from numerous groups in the audience. Big shout out to the teams from EPFL and USI who braved the stage to outline their on-the-fly integrated communications plan for a VIP campus visitor, including live-tweeting, Facebook calls to action, live video streaming, and more. Results below (in no particular order):

Christina Beglinger, Peter Schmutz, Maja Buetikofer
Maria Frommelt, UZH; Heike Pohl, ZHdK; Thomas Langholz, ETHZ; Silvia Wölfle, ETHZ
Michael Mitchell, Maxime Jaccoud, Philippe Bonvin (EPFL)
Rudolf Mumenthaler, Cindy Eggs, Erich Aschwanden, Willi Bernhard, Rudolf Mumenthaler
Floriane Beetschen, Véronique Sigrist, Yannick Meyer (UNIL)
Jan Hardie, Germana d’Alessio, Rina Corti, Sela Reguzzi (SUPSI)
Sylvie Fournier et al. (UNIFR and UNIGE)
Sonja Westfeld (PSI); Markus Fischer (PSI); Marco Bowald (UNIFR);
Volker Graf (UNIFR)

Annemarie Schaer et al. (FHNW)
Adrian Stitzel et al. (HSLU)
Pascal Waeber (UNIL)
Mattias Buess et al. (UNIL – International Relations Office and SOC)
SMarianne.Tellenbach (, Catherine Jean (Alliance), Isabelle Clottu (hes-so); Bastien Rentsch (heig-vd); Loic Privet (heig-vd)
Justyna Grund
Gilda Schertenleib, Ktimene Gembol, Amanda Prada (USI)

Let us know if we missed your input.

Thank you again for embarking on this two-year journey with us and for starting the program off right—with energy and enthusiasm. Please do complete the survey so we can adjust and make changes to the meeting format as needed. And let’s keep this conversation going by interacting over social media and traditional channels. Please read the research, let us know what you think and how we can improve, and participate in upcoming webinars. You will soon receive an invitation for the upcoming webinar on June 8th with David Harris. Here’s to the next two years!