The Digital Campus

The Digital Campus

Best Time to Post on Twitter in 2017

Continuing on our series, we are now looking at the optimal posting time and days on Twitter. We also wished to provide recommendations to get the best out of a platform that still has to gain popularity in Switzerland. The findings were aligned with the digital marketing performance of 30 Swiss universities and their sub-accounts (38 Twitter accounts in total) over the last 6 months. Here is what we found out. Continue Reading →

Why We Love Twitter Lists

Twitter is great, but we all know it can get overwhelming at times. A more organized approach to Twitter can be achieved by making use of its less known functions: its lists.

You can create your own lists, or use lists that have been created already. There are tons of lists out there that are awesome collections of great sources.

Are you using them already? If you do, we’d love to hear how in the comments. If you don’t, then take a look at our top reasons why you should consider them. Continue Reading →