The Digital Campus

The Digital Campus

Is Your President on Social Media?

Follow the leader book“Once upon a time, college and university presidents distrusted social media. But no more”, this is what I read on the back of the book that just arrived in our office.

#FollowtheLeader, a mStoner publication, is about social media lessons from Higher Ed leaders, a topic that has always intrigued our Digital Campus team. Continue Reading →

The Tweeting Professor

Professors on TwitterYou can probably divide your faculty into two groups: Those who believe in the potential of social media, and those who consider it more of a waste of their time. Do you have one or more social media believers in your faculty? Congrats if you do, since we think they can offer you some highly valuable perks.

We have identified those Swiss faculty members who use social media and included it in our quarterly research about the official social media presence of Swiss universities. Program members can find a chart with that data in their official reports due to be published this week. Read on to find the top professors on Twitter in Switzerland, but also how to utilize these social media advocates in your faculty. Continue Reading →

Great Resources for Higher Education Marketers

We strive to equip you with the best tools out there to successfully market your university, and have therefore compiled a list of useful websites for you. They offer valuable resources around higher education marketing, with best practices, tips, interviews, and much more.

Do you have another great resources you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments.

Higher Ed Live

Higher Ed Live

A network of live weekly videos about higher education, this website brings you interviews with professionals from universities, which are recorded for viewing afterwards and come with a neat little summary.
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72% of Online Adults are Social Networking Site Users

Have you ever wondered whether you are investing your resources wisely when it comes to choosing the right social media platforms? In this post we explore some trending data from The Pew Research Center and Comscore’s Data Mine with specific information about Swiss users.

The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project has been studying online adults’ social networking site use since 2005, and has seen substantial growth since then.

Pew Internet Research Graph Continue Reading →

Facebook Fatigue is For Real. Now What?

Two thirds of the adult online population in the U.S are Facebook users.  This social network is without doubt the most popular network in the U.S. and in many other countries around the world (including Switzerland, where almost half of the online population are Facebook users). However, use of Facebook is not as consistent  and strong as the word “popular” would otherwise suggest.

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Social Media at Dodis: Small Team, Big Impact

It is time for another spotlight on some of Switzerland’s social media champions in universities and research. This time I had the pleasure of taking a closer look at Dodis, a research project that maintains a database of Swiss diplomatic documents and publishes books with a relevant selection of these documents. Researchers Christiane Sibille and Ursina Bentele, as well as Dodis director Sacha Zala, kindly answered all my questions about their social media presence.

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What’s Really Happening in Social Media in Switzerland?

While we keep a close eye on what Swiss universities and institutes of research are up to in social media, it is much harder to keep track of what’s going on in general in social media in Switzerland.

Putting myths aside (Swiss users don’t engage, they don’t comment, they don’t share), we will attempt to answer the above question with the help of various individuals who have their fingers on the pulse of the Swiss market. Through their work and experience they will showcase what Swiss users are responding to in social media, the challenges and lessons learned from social media campaigns, and more.

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Meet Yan Luong – Social Media Manager @ RTS

 This interview is part of a series of posts highlighting social media trailblazers in Switzerland.  Our last post in this series, featured Katja Wenk, Web and Social Media Officer at the University of St. Gallen. Today, we meet Yan Luong, Social Media Manager at Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS).

As often social media friendship stories go, I met Yan through Twitter in early 2012. Shortly after his name started popping up everywhere. We followed the same people on Twitter, had some LinkedIn connections in common, and seemed to share a bad habit of tweeting at odd hours.

Many tweets later, Yan and I met in Lausanne in May 2012.  Having a coffee with somebody you’ve met on social media for the first time might sound like an awkward situation. In my experience, it is the absolute opposite. After all, you know what this person cares about (Twitter), laughs at (Facebook & Instagram), and what he/she does for a living (LinkedIn). Over a few coffees, Yan and I compared notes about our jobs, new tools we are intrigued by, who’s who in the world of social media in Switzerland, and what makes social media users in Switzerland tick.

Owner of a good sense of humor and easy disposition, Yan agreed to an improptu video interview in which he talks about his work at RTS, how he manages 55 Facebook pages, and the Swiss’ obsession with the iPhone.

More about Yan Luong.