The Digital Campus

The Digital Campus

Five Tips to Better Engage With Parents

Research carried out by Tudor Collegiate Strategies, mentions that even though 90% of students say their parents have a significant role in choosing their top university, some parents are frustrated by student recruitment that disregarded them as a target audience.

Inspired by Higher Education Marketing’s piece “Targeting Parents for International Student Recruitment”, we’ve created five tips to help Swiss universities better engage with parents before, during and after students come to study.

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50 Creative Ways Colleges Are Recruiting Students Today

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For decades, schools have made college recruiting an art. From slick marketing packages to the ultimate campus visit, there are seemingly endless ways to entice new students to enroll. But these days, admissions staff are armed with a whole new set of tricks, thanks to technology developments, social media, and good old-fashioned ingenuity.

  1. Rating systems:

    More schools are tracking data on prospective students, developing rating systems and devoting more or less time to each student based on the likelihood that they would enroll. Continue Reading →

Bilingual communications


Creating content in several languages is pretty much business as usual for most Swiss universities. After all, Switzerland has four official languages and most Swiss universities have to deal with at least two of those in addition to English.

For a small country like Switzerland, multilingual communication is essential to reach students in Switzerland and even more so to reach those living abroad. In fact, the priority to showcase education to an international audience is such that Switzerland has a gateway presenting all universities for the international market called “Studying in Switzerland” that is in available only in English. Continue Reading →