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Best Time to Post on Twitter in 2017

Continuing on our series, we are now looking at the optimal posting time and days on Twitter. We also wished to provide recommendations to get the best out of a platform that still has to gain popularity in Switzerland. The findings were aligned with the digital marketing performance of 30 Swiss universities and their sub-accounts (38 Twitter accounts in total) over the last 6 months. Here is what we found out.

Posting Days

Thursday is the most recommended day to post. Like Facebook, this matches the universities’ most active day on social media, as the chart shows.

Uni Posting Time

Fanpage Karma

Twitter Posting

Posting Time

Optimal posting time stands between noon and 3pm. The size of the bubbles shows that universities are more active in the morning but engagement remains evenly spread out throughout the day. We decided to compare the data with the performance from last year using the same time frame and the fact that the bubbles get greener shows universities improved at generating engagement with their audience.

June 2015- Dec 2016

June 2015- Dec 2015 (Fanpage Karma)

June 2016 - Dec 2016

June 2016 – Dec 2016 (Fanpage Karma)


In order to keep the ball rolling, here are three recommendations to help you maximize Twitter’s potential:

Follow industry top performers

This recommendation is a must, not only for inspirational purposes, but also to get your university’s name out there. It will increase chances to engage with these accounts by familiarizing yourself to there Tweeting pattern and ultimately learn when is the best time to post in order to capture their attention. Make sure to add those accounts to a Twitter list, it provides a “reason” why you have decided to follow them and helps gain visibility. A recent article from The Edvocate presented a list of “must-follow” accounts. You will notice that not all accounts belong to a university per say and most are U.S based. The aim, however, is to take ideas out of the content that is being curated but especially understand what a well-managed Twitter account looks like. The key is to be sure that it aligns with the voice, the purpose, and the target audience of your own account.

Don’t stick to tweeting

Tweeting represents only a portion of the time to be spent on the platform; you must also focus on engaging with your audience. “Quality over quantity” resonates on Twitter more than anywhere else so don’t be afraid to lower on post frequency and invest time on replying to comments, Retweeting loyal followers and top performers and especially responding on time to direct messages. This also concerns content; Twitter should be used like a diary. People follow because they saw value in the university, now they want to be up to date with what you do and see what’s happening behind the scenes. Your content should provide a certain feeling of exclusivity.

Here is a good example of a non-promotional tweet that humanizes the twitter account.

EPFL tweet

“When Pokemons take advantage of the holidays to invade EPFL”

Clicks is the number one KPI

The simple reason why clicks matter so much is because it is the hardest metric to generate on Twitter, and more so than on any other platform. Focusing on content is key here so make sure that your post motivates the audience to click. The caption is a subtle way to motivate your audience and generate clicks but WHAT you share remains the biggest influence. Make sure you use Twitter Analytics to monitor results and more importantly to figure out the type of content that works best for you and your audience.



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Author: Edouard Reat Noch

A recent graduate from EHL, Edouard is the communications coordinator at swissnex San Francisco. With a passion for gaming, writing, and sports, he hopes to help local businesses grow in his father’s home country, Cambodia.

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