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Best Time to Post on Facebook in 2017

A recent study conducted by Sproutsocial presented data about optimal posting time and content types in the U.S. We’ve aligned that information with what we’ve seen from the digital marketing performance of 46 Swiss universities over the last 6 months. Here is what we found.

Posting Days

Thursday is the most recommended day to post. This matches the universities’ most active day on social media, as the chart shows.

posting days

Fanpage Karma

facebook posting time

Posting Time

Optimal posting time is between 9am and 3pm. The size of the bubbles in the chart shows that university pages follow along these lines. We noticed, however, that universities get the most of their engagement between 6 and 8pm. The lack of engagement during Sprout’s “optimal time” could be linked to a difference between audiences, but content type is another factor.

posting time

June 2016 – Dec 2016 (Fanpage Karma)

Content Type

A strong Facebook post relies heavily on visuals, but also on how digestible it is. The maximum length of a caption stands at 50 characters so make sure you keep it short and sweet.

The graphs below present the type of content most used by Swiss universities, as well as the engagement they generate in relation to their frequency of use. When we compare these two graphs, we see videos are underused, and the engagement from pictures is below average. Here are some recommendations we believe could help raise your Facebook pages’ overall engagement.

content type

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engagement by content

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Videos are the new expectations

It is essential to value quality over quantity when curating that content; a short video from time to time will bring more engagement than a consistent stream of posts without visuals. It is also good to know that videos directly embedded into Facebook will generate on average six times more engagement than an embedded Youtube video.

Visuals are still a priority

Picking a picture for a post is just as important as picking a good caption. It may seem like a formality, but it is now well known that a reader’s attention is captured with high quality pictures that break out from  a sea of content.

Focus on the quality of your audience

This element has a direct correlation with the level of engagement you generate. Be sure to target your content using the available tools out there. A growing audience will generally bring less engagement so adjust your expectations as you grow. You may not get back to the numbers you were making when you had fewer followers.

This blog post marks the beginning of a new weekly series aiming to compare optimal posting times and content type recommended by a Sprout Social study with the current activity of Swiss Universities’ social media accounts. Starting with Facebook, we will continue on with Twitter and finally Instagram.



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Author: Edouard Reat Noch

A recent graduate from EHL, Edouard is the communications coordinator at swissnex San Francisco. With a passion for gaming, writing, and sports, he hopes to help local businesses grow in his father’s home country, Cambodia.