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7 Tricks to Improve SEO

SEO blog postSearch Engine Optimization is not rocket science and you are probably able to get up to speed by just tweaking some of your page attributes a little bit. We’ve compiled a small list with seven tricks that improve your SEO in no time:

  1. Get a blog! Websites with blogs get higher ranks on Google and it is a great way to put your knowledge about a topic on display.
  2. Put your keywords in the right places: the beginning of your title, the URL, and the headers of a page. But be careful not to overuse keywords. It’s important to have them in the right place, but don’t mention them more than four to five times.
  3. Limit the scrolling. Google doesn’t want readers to scroll forever to get to the content they are looking for. Keep it short and sweet.
  4. Don’t be too short! You should have at least 600 words on a page to consider your page as authoritative.
  5. Link away. Include at least four links on each page. These can link to internal pages or external websites. Links back to your website from other websites are also important.
  6. Check your page load time. Your readers don’t want to wait too long for your page to load. Monitor this regularly and optimize it if needed by downsizing the pictures for example.
  7. Make sure users stay for a while. Once users are on your page, make sure that they stay there for a while since Google takes that into account. Embedding videos is a good way to keep them.

Remember that Google and other search engines want to give users useful information. If your pages provide good content, are well formatted, and smartly linked, the better your page rank will be.

These tips are takeaways from a recent class at Parisoma in San Francisco, held by Cort Tafoya from Hack ReactorTake a look at Cort’s presentation.

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