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5 Key Factors to a Successful Social Media Campaign

fordham 4 me tumblrWe all dream of hitting the jackpot with a social media campaign that goes viral. While it’s good to dream and aim for the sky, the reality is that any campaign can be successful just by following some simple guidelines.

During our most recent webinar, Patrick Powers of MStoner Inc., shared the fundamentals of a campaign undertaken by Fordham University in New York City, called #Fordham4Me.

Launched during the Spring of 2014, the campaign will run until the first day of school this coming Fall. So although the complete results are yet to be seen, there’s much to learn from how Fordham University planned and set up their campaign.

The Plan

The objective of the campaign is to convert “admitted” students to “enrolled” students to grow the graduating class of 2018.

fordham4me goals

Specific goals: clear, attainable, realistic.

Keys Factors

#1 Set clear objectives

Fordham identified a need: increase enrollment from admitted students. This objective has a clear & indisputable value to the organization.

#2 Identify your audience—it’s not everyone!

Fordham did not just target 18-24 year-olds but rather: students that have received a letter of acceptance that have not enrolled yet and that are active social media users. Your campaign audience is not everyone on social media.

#3 Be smart about what platform to use

Fordham did not have a presence on Tumblr. However, research showed that Tumblr and Instagram are the platforms their target audience spends time on.

While it would have been easy to use a platform where they already had presence, Fordham chose Tumblr & Instagram as their core platforms.

#4 Think beyond social media

Just because you are working on a social media campaign does not mean that you are restricted to that playing field. Think where your audience is, what tools and platforms are available to you and use them.

Fordham sent admitted students 3 emails encouraging them to share their excitement about attending the university and see what other enrolled students are sharing. A 58% open rate of emails is an open rate we all would like to see on our email campaigns, wouldn’t you agree?

#5 Get out on campus

You can’t run a campaign about the school without campus support and you can’t do that from your desk! Fordham got out on campus, worked hard to get students to take pictures of themselves with the campaign hashtag #Fordham4me, and even got the school mascot to help out.

Fordham Mascot on Instagram

Getting your mascot on camera is harder than you might think!


Listen to the webinar to learn all the details and other key learnings from Fordham University’s #Fordham4me campaign. We wish Fordham a healthy class of 2018!

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Author: Florencia Prada

Florencia Prada is the Head of Digital Marketing at swissnex San Francisco. While she loves all things tech, she tries hard not to get carried away by shiny objects and new ideas that are all too pervasive in Silicon Valley.

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