The Digital Campus

The Digital Campus

Digital Campus Study Tour – Day 3

Maximiliane Okonnek and Silvia Ortiz report on Day 3 of the Digital Campus Study Tour.

After visits to Berkeley and Stanford University we were headed towards Silicon Valley on day 3 of our study tour. swissnex San Francisco had organized visits at YouTube and LinkedIn, both companies with a strong impact on digital communication strategies of universities and other educational institutions. 

YouTube Graffiti

Graffiti at Youtube Patio made by an employee of the company


At YouTube campus we met David Fuchs, a software engineer and ETH Zurich alum who took us around the company campus. He received us in an airy building filled with open-plan offices, ample space for sitting lounges and … a fun slide in red.

Various teams are working here e. g. on product management, business development or implementing new technological solutions. About half of all YouTube employees are software engineers. Besides San Bruno YouTubers are mostly located in another two branches, one in Mountain View in close proximity to the Google headquarters and Zurich, Switzerland.

Entrance hall of YouTube´s headquarter

Entrance hall of YouTube´s headquarter


At our second stop of the day we had the chance to talk to Christina Allen, Director of product management and Itamar Orgad, Product Lead of Higher Education at LinkedIn. The meeting also gave us opportunity to discuss new features that LinkedIn had just rolled out this morning.

These new features are closely linked to University Pages of which LinkedIn currently counts around 25,000 worldwide. According to Christina Allen they “combine data-driven insights based on the career paths of LinkedIn members, and social features so students can get guidance from trusted advisors and professionals who have walked in their shoes”. The changes mainly consist of 3 new services:

  • University Finder allows prospective students to prototype a possible career by clicking interactive graphs. They can choose their preferred study field, company or living place. Based on these choices LinkedIn recommends universities that are matching the set criteria.
  • University Rankings offer further orientation within the educational decision process. The ranking is based on employment patterns of “over 300 million LinkedIn members from around the world”. The broad database allows to rank schools based on actual career outcomes. Currently, LinkedIn ranks only universities from USA, Canada and UK. According to LinkedIn more countries and their educational institutions will following.
  • Decision Boards finally allow to aggregate educational options depending on individual targets. They support the decision process by structuring information and giving options to involve others.

For more information refer to

LinkedIn headquarter in Mountain View

LinkedIn headquarter in Mountain View

Author: Florencia Prada

Florencia Prada is the Head of Digital Marketing at swissnex San Francisco. While she loves all things tech, she tries hard not to get carried away by shiny objects and new ideas that are all too pervasive in Silicon Valley.